Saturday, January 2, 2010


Just made it with 24 minutes to spare! I have been wanting to post all day, but just haven't gotten around to it. I am going to do my best to be a better blogger this year.

I don't know what God has in store for this blog, or me, or our family for this upcoming year. I DO know that there are going to be a LOT of changes. We will be moving this summer. Where? We haven't been told yet. We are waiting for the ptb to let us know - should be in the Feb/Mar time frame.

The locations on our dream sheet include only those in the lower 48, which will bring us closer to family no matter WHERE we go. This will be nice.

So, do any of you have resolutions for the new year?

I have a few, but these are mostly superficial things: becoming more organized (using the planner from to help with this), blogging at least once a week (not while traveling this summer - I'll do my best then, but can't make promises), getting out of debt (may not be able to pay off my student loans, but we should be close), being a better momma to my precious kiddos by not yelling and spending more quality time with them, and finally, making my marriage bed (sorry if this is TMI for my family, but I really need work in this arena).

I found this website [The Marriage Bed] through a friends blog a few years ago and said to myself, "I really need to do this", but never did. This is the year I DO. Our marriage is beginning to suffer b/c of some issues I have in this area. Not suffer, as in we're rocky or anything, just that I feel that I don't show my kisa love in the way he needs and deserves, which makes me feel incredibly guilty and guilt has no place in a marriage or any other relationship.

Wow...this is really hard to put out there for everyone to read, but I know that I can't be alone in this area, right? Others are going through or have gone through this before? If you are out there, please give me some support and let me know how you got out of the funk.

There are some reasons/excuses for my issues, but I'm going to work through them. My husband knows and understands my issues - which I will likely share at a later time so that I can possibly help others going through the same thing - and doesn't complain or blame me for anything, but I owe this to both of us.

My prayer is that our marriage bond will be strengthened and that we will grow closer to God through this as well.

My spiritual resolutions are made on my birthday (ok, daily - but I make big ones on my birthday) and I'm formulating those now and waiting on God's direction in this area.

What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?


  1. There is a book It's called Prayer Saturated Kids. My friend Jen is reading it and this is what she has to say....(its on my list to buy). "It's rocking my world and I'm only halfway through chapter Two. Listen to this, "A 1993 Gallup poll revealed that among married couples who attend church together regularly, the divorce rate is one out of two. That's the same statistic as for marriages outside the church. However, among couples who pray together daily, the divorce rate is one out of 1,153." (Prayer Saturated Kids, by Cheryl Sacks and Arlyn Lawrence, Navpress, c.2007) So, want to increase your odds of success in marriage, and in parenting, start praying. There's more, but I've got to run. Have a great day - and go buy this book."
    her blog is

  2. Beth, you are not alone!
    About the marriage bed. Something happened to me physically around the time I turned 30 years old. Because I was breastfeeding, time in the sack was suffering, not only was I uninterested but it wasn't that pleasant. I went to my female doctor(ob/gyn) and expressed my concerns and she gave me some samples. It has a funny name but it gave me a boost that I didn't even know I needed. Its called vagifem and I only had to use it for a few months.
    After that for some reason I felt empowered as a woman, wife and mother. When that happened wonderful things started to happen in our marriage. I put myself on the list and when that happened the marriage was on the list.
    I felt different about myself, I started to dress different, wear makeup more and dangle earrings because they are fast and easy to put on. I felt sexier and still do.
    I love both your blogs, thank you for sharing and I will be praying.
    Christy :)

  3. Christy, thank you SO much for sharing! You have no idea how much my stomach has been in knots for the past two days wondering if I was alone or if I just WAY over-shared. I will definitely be buying that book - headed to Amazon right after I leave this comment actually! Prayer is something we have been doing together for about a year, but we wax and wane. As for the marriage bed, thank you for the info on the meds. I've been considering talking to my Dr about it, but it just seems so embarrassing! If it will work though, then I will do it.

    Again, thank you so much. You have no idea how much you helped me.

  4. No problem! I thought that I might have over-shared ;)

    Don't let the doctor say it will just pass or blow you off. I did tell my friend about it and she tried it, but it didn't work for her.

    I also forgot to say that I prayed that my mind would change how I viewed our time in the bedroom. Its amazing what God can do! But you know that :)

  5. I know I'm not married...but the Marriage Bed looks really interesting! With everything going on my life and the fact that E is long distance, it's been hard to maintain our closeness. Thanks for the link, even if it doesn't quite apply to me yet ;)